music tent

music tent

The feast of entertainment with world-class musicians

The harmony of chamber orchestra resonates on a refreshing summer night in Daegwallyeong. Exciting musicals and the mellow tunes of jazz… An open theater in the nature, Music Tent will give you unforgettable memories with diverse cultural events throughout the year, such as a variety of performances and music concerts as well as the Daegwallyeong International Music Festival.

From 2010, Daegwallyeong International Music Festival will be held in Alpensia.

The tunes of symphony reverberating through the pure and green forest of Daegwallyeong 700m above the sea level – Daegwallyeong International Music Festival offering the harmony between the great nature of Daegwallyeong and the tunes of classical music will be held each summer in Alpensia from 2010. With outstanding musicians and diverse programs, this event will capture the hearts of classical music fans. The summer nights in Alpensia will be hotter than ever.

Art is life, Life is art.

Starting from Daegwallyeong International Music Festival, Alpensia will hold a variety of cultural and artistic events throughout the year, such as musicals, concerts and exhibitions. Special to others, art and culture is a life here in Alpensia.

We open on July 2010 with the best facilities and services!