Alpine Coaster

ALPINE COASTER, Yet another exciting fun in the ski resort

Exhilaration of the max. speed of 40km/hr

Alpensia Alpine Coaster runs at the max. speed of 40km/ hr to experience the exhilaration beyond imagination.

Automatic speed control to ensure safety

When the distance from the car in front becomes shorter than the prescribed level, the coaster automatically lowers speed to ensure safety without the possibility of collision

4 different attractions for the 4 seasons

Spring:The energy of nature in spring when the flowers and buds bloom Summer: Cooling off the heat passing through the refreshing forest of Alpensia leaving behind the sweltering sun Autumn: The autumnal sentiment of Alpensia surrounded by the falling leaves of yellow and red Winter: Enjoying the superb snow-scape of Alpensia and the heaven-blessed nature of Daegwallyeong Alpensia Alpine Coaster lets you enjoy different feelings per each season of the year.