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Korea Botanic Garden
The very first in Korea consisted only with the native Korean flowers and trees, the Korea Botanic Garden is the open learning center where children can learn about the wisdom to live in harmony with the nature.
Odaesan National Park
Odaesan National Park is surrounded by the five peaks of Dongdaesan, Durobong, Sangwangbong and Horyeongbong as well as Birobong, the main peak 1,563m above the sea level. From the old days, Odaesan Mt., together with Samsinsan Mt., has been known as the most celebrated mountain in Korea.
Bangadari Yaksu Medicinal Water
Located inside the forest of broad-leaved trees, Bangadari Medicinal Water containing iron and carbon is effective in gastroenteric troubles and skin diseases. Shin Yaksu Medicinal Water in a short distance is particularly known for the effects in treating neuralgia.
Yellow Earth Steam Room
Situated next to the house where Lee Seung-bok was born, the Yellow Earth Steam Room is the place to experience the traditional yellow earth fomentation to relive the fatigue of traveling.
When the Buckwheat Flowers Bloom
Run by Eungok Lee Gyu-seok, this café is a space to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere and the leisureliness of Gangwon Province. A cup of fragrant tea will calm your body and soul.